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Blank Sheet Music, Guitar Tab & Chord Sheets (PDF)

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You need various blank music sheets if you want to progress past the beginner stage in your guitar playing. Things like notebooks of scale scales,& guitar chord shapes and simple licks are essential in your guitar journey.

I have free printable PDF files for the most common music sheets. Whether you need guitar tab, chord sheets or any other type of sheet music, you’ll find descriptions on each with links to the downloadable files.


The main types of music sheet you need as a guitar player

The following FREE blank music sheet PDF files are the ones that I have found most useful.

  1. Guitar tab is great for notating your guitar riffs and licks. This is a must for all guitar players.
  2. Chord sheets for guitar chords are helpful for beginners. Try creating a chord book by key as you learn new chord shapes, especially open chords. They are also useful for people who write their own music as a source for different chord voicings.
  3. Complete fretboard diagrams are best for mapping out scales and guitar chords along the entire fretboard. I use this sheet for finding new chord voicings and arpeggio “boxes”.
  4. Sheet music and guitar tab combination music sheets are good for transferring your licks into standard notation.
  5. And finally, treble clef, or G clef, sheet music is strictly for people who want to notate their music in standard notation.

Click on the links below to take you to the specific PDF file. Also, let me know if you think any of the graphics are either too small, too large, or if you would like versions on different size paper (legal, A4, etc.) Currently, they are letter size with 7/8″ margins, but I’ll make changes and upload alternate versions if these are not exactly what you want.


Blank guitar tab

My guitar tab has 8 tabs per page.  Take a look at the image below for the actual dimensions and compare it to tab that you have. Let me know if you would like a larger or smaller version of the guitar tab lines.

To recap the graphic, the tab is 6 & 5/8ths of an inch across the page, approximately a 1/2 inch high with 3/16ths of an inch separating each tab line (guitar string).

Blank guitar tab PDF files

You can go to my downloads page for all the links to the blank music sheets, or go directly to the Guitar Tab PDF file.


Blank guitar chord sheet

These are my go-to music sheets for all of my guitar chords. The PDF file is 5 chords across with 6 rows for a total of 30 chord blocks and each chord block has 5 frets.

I also use these for CAGED scale shapes. For most scales, 5 frets are enough but some scales in certain positions require a 6th fret. What I do for those scales is just hand draw another fret below the chord block.

There is 3/8″ of space between chord blocks and 5/8″ between rows of the blocks (more space above and below than next to each shape).

Blank guitar chord sheet PDF files

Go to my downloads page for all the links for each type of music sheet, or go directly to the Blank Chord Sheet PDF file.


Blank guitar fretboard

I used the blank fretboard sheets to map out every guitar chord type in every key that is the focus of this website.

This music sheet is great for visualizing scales and chords along the entire neck. The fretboards are 16 frets long and there is a 1/2 inch gap between fretboards on a row and between the two rows.

Blank guitar fretboard PDF files

As I mentioned above, these are great for finding chord arpeggios. I suggest using different colored pens and markers for marking the different scale degrees and chord tones.

You can go to my downloads page for all the links to the blank music sheets, or go directly to the Blank Guitar Fretboard  PDF file.


Blank guitar tab & sheet music

The next two music sheets are for people who also want to notate their music in standard notation with G clef staff paper. The one below is the combination of guitar tab and sheet music.

There are 5 staves of G clef and guitar tab and sorry for the really small dimensions on the G clef size – it’s 3/32nds of an inch between lines. Let me know if that is too small for you and I’ll make a larger version.

I wrote some quarter notes on my printed copies and it seems fine to me. The size of the guitar tab is the same as mentioned above.

Blank guitar tab sheet music PDF files

Go to my downloads page for all the links for each type of music sheet, or go directly to the Blank guitar tab sheet music PDF file.


Blank sheet music

And the last blank music sheet that I have is 9 staves of G clef with the same dimensions as mentioned above.

printable staff paper

You can go to my downloads page for all the links to the blank music sheets, or go directly to the Blank printable staff paper PDF file.


Final Thoughts

The fretboard and tab are best for creating licks and arpeggios which you can also write on your guitar tab. The chord blocks are best for beginners who can’t remember chords, but it works for experienced players as well.

You won’t need the G clef music sheets unless you can read and write in standard notation, so keep that in mind. Check out the wiki pages on sheet music and music notation for helpful insights into music in general. A great source for all the standard notation symbols is the page Basic Musical Notation on the Method Behind The Music website.

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  1. Guy Pritchard

    Thanks so much for the tab sheets. I’ve been playing forever. Finally I started taking lessons from a wonderful teacher and he showed how tab sheets can make new music more accessible. I’m hopeless at reading actual music scores. At 64 years of age, I can tell myself that taking an easier route to learning music is NOT cheating.

    1. Kernix

      Hope they help you. Let me know if you have any problems with the dimensions and I’ll work on an updated version. Reading standard notation is not necessary, however, reading the rhythmical parts is essential. You should consider getting a program like Guitar Pro and creating rhythm training tracks. I’ll do an article in the future about the importance of that.

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