Download chord, scale & MUSIC files

There are free and pay versions of EVERY guitar chord and chart that I’ve created. I will upload PDF files as I make them. The free files are on this page, but the paid PDF files will be via the members area.

Chord PDF Files

All open chords for every chord in the key of C major are available as PDF files (445 total chords). 
The C major file has a page at the end which explains the information block that precedes each chord in all the files. You want to read that.

Open C major chords

68 C major and suspended chords

Open F major chords

73 F major chords

Open G major chords

102 G major & B dim chords

Open D minor chords

83 D minor and suspended chords

Open E minor chords

57 E minor and suspended chords

Open A minor chords

67 A minor and suspended chords

Blank PDF files

16 fret blank guitar fretboard

Blank Guitar Fretboard

PDF file of a 16 fret blank guitar fretboard, 4 guitar necks across and 2 rows high for a total of 8. Great for full neck scales and chords.

5 x 6 blank guitar chord sheet

Blank Guitar Chord Sheet

Blank guitar chord sheet, printable PDF with 1" 5-fret chord blocks with 5 columns & 6 rows, or try the 5x7 link below for 35 chords per page.

8 rows of blank guitar tab

Blank Guitar Tab

A PDF of blank guitar tab: 8 1/2" high rows. I did not put TAB on any of the rows like other site because it gets in the way and is not necessary.

5 rows of guitar tab sheet music

Guitar Tab Sheet Music

PDF file of 5 rows of guitar tab and standard sheet music. This is a good way to translate your licks into standard notation.

9 rows of blank sheet music

Blank Sheet Music

PDF file with 9 staves of treble clef standard notation sheet music 7/16" high. for each stave. Let me know if you think the lines are too close together,.

Various Text PDF Files

I will be adding different files that I create for myself on any topic involving playing or writing music with a focus on guitar.

  • AAA Song Forms (PDF): This is 6 Strophic Song Forms (AAA songs) that I like to play and all but 1 of them are in the Folk Song Encyclopedia. I include the time signature, # of bars, key, lyrics, chord progression and chords in roman numerals for transposing. The songs I cover are: 1. Baby, Please Don’t Go, 2. The Gallows Pole, 3. House of the Rising Sun, 4. Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad, 5. Jack-A-Roe, 6. I know You Rider (6 pages).
  • 5 X 7 Blank Chord Blocks (PDF): This is the blank chord block sheet I prefer. The page has 5 columns and 7 rows for a total of 35 chords per page. The chords are packed closely together so there is not a lot of room for notes – just a chord name and fret number.
  • Chords from C major (PDF): I list the 83 chords built on each scale degree in C major (2 pages). Note: I forgot to add Fsus2!
  • A Minor Chords & Scales (PDF): I list the most common 3 and 4-note chords, and a few 5-note chords, from A natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales. Then I have a “fourth” A minor scale which I call A practical minor. That is just my list of chords from the 3 A minor scales that are good to use when writing songs in a minor key, specifically in A for this file (2 pages). 
  • Circle of Fifths Graphic (PDF): This is the main graphic in my circle of fifths article. I also have a blank circle for you to fill out for yourself. I have other circle of fifths graphics that involve tritones, chord substitutes, and other interesting subjects (coming soon).