C Major Scale Chords (Every Diatonic Chord)

In this article, I created tables that list the intervals for each of the 7 modes from the C major scale, as well as tables for the 80+ chords that can be built from the scale. In the chord tables, I show the notes in each chord as well as any other chord names that have the same notes.


Extended Chords: Double Extended G7 Guitar Chords

Adding a note to a 7th chord makes the chord an extended 7th chord. I define a double extended chord as two scale degrees added to a 7th chord. There are 3 dominant 7th extended chords that can be built from the major scale: 9/11, 9/13, and 11/13. I have 12 open guitar chord voicings for those chords in G from the C major scale.


F Lydian Chords (Key Of C Major)

Lydian chords are built from the 4th scale degree of the major scale which is referred to as the Lydian mode. The defining interval of the Lydian mode and Lydian chords is the augmented 4th, also called the sharp 11 (#11). I cover the 6 types of Lydian chords, the intervals in each chord, and have 60 closed and open F Lydian guitar chords from C major.


G7 Guitar Chord: Dominant Seventh Chords From C Major

This article covers the G7 chord for guitar and the 3 extended 7ths of G9, G11, and G13. I cover the intervals that make up each chord type and the notes in each G7 chord. I have a total of 22 open guitar chord shapes for G7, G9, G11, and G13. Finally, I include songs that use the dominant 9, 11 and 13 chords.


Suspended Chords: Dominant 7 Sus4 Chords (C Major Scale)

Suspended 7th chords are common in popular music and sound great. There are 51 open 7sus4 guitar chord shapes build on notes from the key of C major in this article. I cover the intervals and notes in each chord type and list popular song examples and how to use the chords. The specific chords are 7sus, 9sus, 13sus & 7susb9.


m7 Guitar Chord Shapes For Dm, Em, and Am

The notes D, E and A in the scale of C major all build minor chords. All the possible minor 7th chords built from a major key beside the m7 chord are the minor 9th, minor 11th and minor 13th chords (m9, m11, and m13). Besides the 52 minor 7th guitar chord shapes, I also cover the intervals and notes in each chord type.