Em9 & Emadd9 Guitar Chord: 25 Open and Closed Chord Shapes

The Emadd9 guitar chord, like all m add9 chords, has a distinctive, almost eerie sound. It's a good chord to use if you are a songwriter. The Em9 chord, on the other hand, sounds rich and full. Both chords add depth to any song. I have a total of 26 open and closed guitar chord voicings for these great minor chords.


Blank Sheet Music, Guitar Tab & Chord Sheets (PDF)

I have all the music sheets that I use as a guitarist. All the files are free printable PDF files. There are links to the PDF files to download for the following "blank" types of music paper: guitar tab, guitar fretboards, and guitar chord sheets, as well as treble clef staff paper and combo tab and sheet music.


Cadd9 Guitar Chord Chart With Finger Placement

The C major add 9 guitar chord sounds fantastic and is simple to play When I found the most common voicing for a Cadd9 chord, I played it over and over. I have 12 guitar chord voicings for the Cadd9 chord and cover the notes, intervals and the 3 major scales where you will find it. I also have a number of popular song examples that use the chord.


Chords From Scales: Comprehensive List Of Guitar Chords

If you ever wondered how chords are made, then you may be surprised that they are built from scales. The majority of chords in popular songs are build from the major scale. More complex chords, favored by jazz guitarists, come from the harmonic and melodic minor scales, as well as the whole tone, augmented and diminished scales.


A6 Chord: Open & Closed A6 Guitar Chords Chart

The A6 chord, like all 6 chords, is not the most common chords that you'll see in popular music genres. However, you will often see the chord that it equals: F#m7. The A6 chord has the notes A-C#-E-F# and comes from the keys of A, D, & E major. I have 16 open and closed A6 guitar chord shapes and list some popular songs that use the chord.


E Minor 7 Guitar Chord: 27 Guitar Chords For Em7

The E minor 7 guitar chord is an easy chord to play and remember. You will encounter it in songs in the keys of C, G & G major as well as E minor. I have 27 guitar chords for the E minor 7 chord and I list some popular songs that use the chord.